On the way back from the restroom at Lowe’s last night (of course it is aaaaallllllll the way in the back of the store), we passed through the Appliances department. Sitting on top of one of the fancy washers was a sign that said “Free Samples” in front of a stack of boxes. I, of course, grabbed three. At checkout, the cashier said “Limit 1 per Customer”. Since it was me AND my husband, I handed back one and kept the other two.

After getting home and opening the packaging, I found out why the cashier was enforcing the “One per Customer” policy. There were three coupons inside, two $2.00 off any Tide Detergent and one $5.00 off any Tide HE Detergent.

From what I have heard, you can combine Lowe’s coupons with manufacturer coupons. Could make for some interesting prices on Tide.

Lowe’s also has a printable coupon site here