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One of the items I thought would be great for the care packages was wipes. Thanks to those lovely yellow coupons at HEB, I was able to accumulate 14 travel packages of Seventh Generation baby wipes 36ct. The coupon was for 1.50 off ANY package of Seventh Generation baby wipes. The travel packs were 2.48 – the coupon came out to .98 a pack. Due to a coupon glitch, I actually on paid about $4 for all 14 packages.


I have a vision…

So today my mind finally wrapped around the ideas of what it was I was trying to achieve with Pinching Pesos. For a long time now, I knew I wanted to present coupons and deals to the general population. I wanted to show people that they did not have to waste their money; that they could live these amazingly fruitful lives without having to live pay check to pay check. Last year, I started “Surrender to Savings” and at the time I tried to post deals regularly, but my motivation soon bottomed out and I stopped posting. The problem was/is that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs that present the same deals. In general, finding a unique entry on any of the many couponing blogs is rare. There are, on the other hand, a few stand-out blogs. Those few have something special; something that draws you, keeps you reading, and leaves you feeling like you learned somthing.

With all that said, my first mission for Pinching Pesos has to do with people in my own community in Austin, TX. Homeless and needy population has mutliplied. With all the community resources available, I used to struggle with the concept of people in Austin going without basic necessities. My brain would not wrap around the idea that social services were missing people. Why? How? I do not know yet. What I do know, is that with my couponing skills, I can help. The impact may be small, but as my husband often says “Something is better than nothing.” So with that, the first mission for Pinching Pesos is to assemble 14 care packages; 7 for women and 7 for men. In the packages I hope to include basic hygeine items: deodorent, toothpaste, toothbrush, sunscreen, lip balm, soap, a wash cloth, wipes, a razor, lotion, a pair of socks, and any other item I can get for free or next to free. Coupons can help my community.

My hopes are that those 14 care packages will turn into 30 care packages, then 40, then 60, then 100, then….  This is not just my mission and the hopes of Pinching Pesos. This can be the mission every reader this blog has. You can all help. Whether you help by passing on good coupons, emailing deals I might have missed, or by donating your unneeded or overflowing stockpile.  items. 

The first step in creating the care packages came Saturday. It is is amazing how God works. Friday night, I decided that the best container for the items would be reuseable bags. Saturday afternoon, my daughter and I headed to Old Navy for a swimsuit. While there, I stumbled upon these great Peace on Earth Old Navy Reusable Bags, regular 1.49; marked down to .49, plus 30% off during the weekend sale. Final price on my bags? 34 measily cents.

34 cents after markdown and discount

I can’t save the world with my income. I make, on average, $1200 a month. My husband pays the rent, and gives me $100 a week, three times a month, for groceries. That’s all I got, but God gives me that money, it’s not mine, so I hope to use it the best way I can. Many of the years of my life were spent doing the wrong things. I have taken a lot away over the  years. I do not want keep taking. I want to give back. This is step number one!

Thank you for reading and keep pinching those pesos.